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How to Ride an Ostrich

by David Crowe

A clean stand-up comedy routine published as a children's book.  Comedian David Crowe takes you on a journey to Africa where he tries ostrich riding for the first time.  Discoveries made.  Lessons learned. It's fun to read and also includes an audio recording of the routine performed live at a comedy venue.  

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Every now and then a comedian will come up with a routine that is clean enough for young kids at bedtime, yet funny enough to set a  comedy club audience roaring with laughter.  It's rare, but it happens.   Stand-up Children's Books partners with comedians to publish these rare routines in beautiful hardback books with full-color illustrations.  Then we add an audio link to an exclusive recording so you can either read the book or listen to the original routine performed by the comic who developed it.  The experience of hearing the book come to life as a complete live stand-up comedy show is magical.  Please subscribe to our email list an be alerted when new editions are available.

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